Litigation Maps

EPA’s regulation of air emissions from the power sector has spurred several contentious lawsuits.  While some state and local governments are petitioning to have EPA’s rules overturned, others have joined to support EPA.  To assist with tracking governmental participation in active EPA power sector-related lawsuits, Considering the Grid has compiled maps depicting state and state agency participation in litigation over the following EPA rules:

Below is an overview of the number of proceedings each party is involved in:

Combined maps

State and/or State Agency Petitioners in
4 for Pet  4 cases
3 for Pet  3 cases
2 for Pet  2 cases
1 for Pet  1 case (includes Amici in support of Petitioners)

State and/or State Agency Supporting EPA in
4 for EPA  4 cases
3 for EPA  3 cases
2 for EPA  2 cases

Gray Legend  Not participating