A Peek Into MISO and PJM CPP Modeling Efforts

Last week, PJM released an updated Draft Modeling Analysis, informed by input it received from the Organization of PJM States, Inc.  PJM notes that the analysis will not be used to inform specific transmission upgrades, but rather “should be used to assess potential implications of various future states – to identify potential economic, operational, resource adequacy and transmission usage implications.”  PJM expects to have its business-as-usual model results completed for all study years by January 31, 2016.  PJM’s remaining economic compliance analysis should be complete by April 30, 2016.  PJM expects to complete its reliability analysis, which is dependent on the economic analysis, by July 31, 2016.

MISO released a Study Scope for its CPP analysis.  MISO details its near-term (September – December 2015), mid-term (January – June 2016), and long-term (July 2016 – November 2018) modeling work.  MISO plans to report specific metrics from its models for stakeholder review.  MISO states that it will also coordinate with neighboring systems on analyzing potential CPP impacts, recognizing that many states are within the footprints of two or more RTOs.

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