EIA Data Shows Real-Time Impacts of Weather Events on Energy Infrastructure

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides a wealth of, well, information for users interested in better understanding energy infrastructure.  Recent updates to the U.S. Energy Mapping System include features such as power plants with a 1 MW or greater capacity, electric retail service territories, and coal mines.  Using data from other federal agencies, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, users can now include additional layers in their maps.  For example, the energy disruptions layers display historical and real-time weather events.  The flood vulnerability datasets can be added to see where infrastructure may be subject to rising sea levels, storm surges, and flash flooding.  Mapping specific to the Gulf of Mexico layers real-time storm information with the locations of oil and gas wells.  Descriptions, sources, and update status of each layer is available in EIA’s guide.

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