Mapping Comments on the Clean Power Plan

EPA received millions of comments on the proposed Clean Power Plan.  While we are still waiting for the release of the agency’s Response to Comments document, there are several tools to help you sift through the comments.

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s interactive map shows which state and federal officials submitted comments on the proposal.  It also can help you keep track of who signed on to joint comments.  This map displays comments by state, plus other info such as the state’s CO2 emissions rate history and generation mix.

Another state-by-state analysis is available from the Center for Effective Public Management at Brookings.  This analysis compiles comments from each state’s environmental agency and compares each state’s position on five common objections to the Clean Power Plan: it is unfair to early actors, it threatens grid reliability, it is unattainable given the current timeline, it is illegal, and it should be abandoned rather than finalized. In May 2015, Brookings released this report showing whether states came down on each issue (displayed in figures along with the party membership of each state’s governor).

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