New Website Aggregates North American Energy Information

The North American Cooperation on Energy Information (NACEI) has launched a new website that brings together energy-related data, maps, and analysis from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  NACEI was developed out of a 2014 memorandum of understanding on energy information cooperation signed by the Energy Secretaries and Minister from the three countries.  The new website builds off of the 2015 Trilateral Energy Outlook Project published in December 2015.

NACEI explains that the energy markets of the three countries are becoming increasingly interdependent.  The new website depicts both historic and expected energy flows within North America and shows exports and imports for crude oil, electricity, and natural gas since 2010.  It also provides an interactive map of North American infrastructure, as well as static maps of particular types of resources and facilities, such as renewable electric power plants, natural gas underground storage, liquefied natural gas import and export terminals, and border crossings of electric transmission lines and natural gas pipelines.

NACEI states that the next step is to understand the interrelationships among the three countries as an integrated North American energy system.  To further this understanding, the three countries are working with Stanford University’s Energy Modeling Forum on a multi-year study of the integrated North American energy system.

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