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Looking for a challenge? Try finding a news source that has not covered EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Proposed in June 2014 and released in final form on August 3, 2015 (Federal Register publication is pending), the Clean Power Plan currently dominates popular and trade press, and with good reason. The Clean Power Plan is likely to have widespread impacts on the energy sector and beyond.

Although there is a lot of information published about the Clean Power Plan, it can be difficult to sift out factual information and useful analyses. Considering the Grid strives to provide regulators, consumer advocates, public power entities, and others interested in the plan with a collection of resources and status updates to help stay current with related developments. Whether your voice is one of support or dissent (or somewhere in between), Considering the Grid offers you a portal to information about the Clean Power Plan, including associated litigation and resources, reports and analyses about the rule.

This blog is maintained by attorneys from Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP (Spiegel). Established in 1967, Spiegel represents the public side of critical infrastructure industries, including energy. We recognize that environmental regulations such as the Clean Power Plan have the potential to significantly affect many facets of the energy sphere—including organized markets, generators, regulators, load-serving entities, and consumers—and that all stakeholders, regardless of size of their resources, are seeking quality information in order to understand the rule, perhaps with a view to participating in the federal or state arenas. This blog will compile available resources and provide updates about significant steps in the ongoing implementation process.

Spiegel’s high level summary of the Clean Power Plan, EPA’s proposed federal plan and model trading rules, and the new source performance standards for new, modified, and reconstructed power plants, provides a high level overview of these rulemakings.

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