DOE Releases Second Installment of Quadrennial Energy Review

After almost a year of stakeholder engagement, the DOE released the second installment of the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER 1.2).  While the first installment of the QER focused on modernizing the U.S.’s energy infrastructure, QER 1.2 addresses the interrelated issues of national security, environmental protection, and economic development.

The report explains that the electricity system plays a vital role in shaping the economy, the environment, and national security.  While technological advances and increased digitization of the electricity sector provide meaningful benefits, these developments also bring about new vulnerabilities.

QER 1.2 offers 76 wide-ranging recommendations on how to improve the U.S. electricity system while enhancing economic competitiveness, ensuring environmental responsibility, and providing for the nation’s security.  These include expanding federal programs that support state efforts to incorporate distributed energy resources and promoting clean energy research.  The report also recommends grants for small utilities to prepare for cyber, physical, and climate threats.

The QER was established by a Presidential Memorandum.  It is unclear whether it will continue under the new administration.

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