Tales of Weather and Wind

The Weather Channel’s United States of Climate Change site has collections of stories from across the country about climate change.  The stories range from adjusting bison grazing habits in South Dakota as a way to sequester carbon, to the impact of heat stress on malt barley used in beer in Montana, to a graphic narrative about the 10,000 people originally from the Marshall Islands currently living in Arkansas.

The site also covers more traditional renewables issues, such as a story about the first offshore wind farm in America, located off the coast of Rhode Island.  This wind farm, developed by Deepwater Wind, sits three miles off of Block Island, which was previously powered by on-island diesel generators.  Power from the 30 MW, five-turbine farm is sold via a 20-year power purchase agreement with National Grid.  Commercial operations began in December 2016.  While wind is expected to be the largest renewable generation source in the upcoming year, it remains to be seen whether more projects will be developed offshore, where they have historically been particularly controversial (notably so in the case of Cape Wind).

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